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Please contact us for information regarding any documentation, the “Why do simulation?” training course, conference presentations, the SimBest book and the company interview to benchmark your company.

Company Benchmark Interview

This is an opportunity for your company to engage with a sector expert and a general expert to discuss simulation issues related to the project technical topics and benchmark the company. The interview and discussion process was developed and refined by the different sector experts during the SimBest project to enable the generation of about 85 different charts on simulation issues. While 32% of the companies approached were interviewed during the project almost all these interviewee companies were extremely happy with the discussion, in many cases continuing for much longer than originally agreed 2 hours duration. Others, having originally rejected an interview, later requested an interview since they saw the benefit of an open discussion with experts who had an open view of the simulation activities within the sector.

“Why do engineering simulation?” course

The course describes engineering simulation and provides industrial reasons for its use, including real world case studies. The target audience are managers and leaders from companies that do not currently use engineering simulation.

Conference presentations

The project has generated much interest and therefore we will be happy to consider presenting at any meeting or conference and/or chair discussion groups.

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