Project Deliverables

The project results are included in various deliverables:

  • various presentations and reports on Best Practice, State of the Art gap analysis, etc. that can be found in the Project Activities page,
  • a “Why do engineering simulation?” training course for managers and engineers to encourage the use of simulation (please contact us if you are interested),
  • conference presentations have also been made at the NAFEMS France, Germany, Nordic and UK regional conferences. The project has generated much interest and therefore these presentations continue. We will be happy to present at any meeting or conference, please contact us.
  • an article in the NAFEMS Benchmark magazine July 2016,
  • a SimBest book providing complete project details (to be publicised by NAFEMS),
  • the on-line sample Questionnaire enabling companies to benchmark themselves by comparing their answers with the sector and overall SimBest findings. Companies that are interested can request a full benchmark interview.

Project Partners